For so many years the acronym TGIF meant absolutely nothing to me.  I didn’t get excited about it, and sit at my desk staring at the clock until it struck 5pm.  The feeling of elation, that two free days were just 24 hours away, was completely foreign to me.

It’s almost 5PM on a FRIDAY

Retail, and the wedding industry were my chosen career path for 22 years.  Weekends were instrumental to my success.  I conducted about 65% of my business Friday through Sunday.  While weekday “nine-to-fivers” were relishing TGIF, I was praying!  I prayed for the weather to cooperate so my company could generate copious amounts of revenue.  Every Friday, I prayed there wouldn’t be any wedding attire drama from my couples who were getting married.  I prayed staff members wouldn’t call out sick, and end up  short staffed on the busiest and craziest days of the week.  I prayed frequently.  Today, I pray even more!

After I lost my business, I instantly had everyday off.  My entire routine changed and I had to rebuild it and rearrange my priorities.  I have more freedom during the week now, but my children and my husband don’t.  Their routines remained in tact.  I enjoy seeing more of them, however, our weekdays are filled with school, sports, activities, homework, errands and projects.  I now have a great appreciation for TGIF!


Instead of hustling through the weekends racking up revenues, I appreciate time enjoyed with my family and friends.  About a month ago I was able to take my daughter to an out-of-state soccer tournament; something I wouldn’t have been able to do if my company was still operating.  It was me, Sophia, and her Nana – a girls weekend trip away.  I enjoyed getting to know the other parents from the team, spending quality time with Nana, and giving myself to Sophia for an entire weekend.  I realized on that trip how much I had missed over the last 13 years of business ownership.

Choosing to start and run a business comes by making sacrifices.  Business owners are often physically, mentally, and emotionally detached from the people and things that should matter the most.  The desire, pride, and pressure to operate a successful business can cloud our personal principles and purpose.

Along with TGIF, there are three new “TG” acronyms I live by today.  Whether you’re captive to the weekday grind, or a weekend warrior, they may help you maintain perspective about what’s really important.

TGFT – Thank God For Today; TGFML – Thank God For My Life; TGFHG – Thank God For His Grace

What are some of the TG’s you live by?

The weekends are not the only time to show celebration for your life.  It should be celebrated daily!  Find joy in today, tomorrow, and all the days you have ahead!

With all the love in my heart,

-Maya Contact




2 thoughts on “T.G.I.F

  1. Love your blog and site! Keep it up lady! You truly are amazing.

  2. ❤️ I love you Maya! Will always be an inspiration! Love your new venture and your blog posts! Keep them coming!!!!! Xoxo

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