Cultivate Resilience: Part 3

Change is a constant in all of our lives.  Whether it’s something we choose or something we didn’t forecast, it happens all the time and is a huge part of shaping who we are and who we become.  Every one of us will experience changes in our lives that will knock us off course with the potential to cause significant setbacks on our journey of growth and discovery.  Acquiring resiliency helps us to overcome these moments with a better sense of self, and desire to be successful.


The twenty characteristics of resilient people that make up the four-part series of my blog can be applied to anyone, of any age, and in any environment.  If we broaden our thinking, we can use these attributes in our home and businesses.  Cultivate resilience as a group and adopt practices to increase personal and professional development.  We’re all better, stronger, and wiser people if we can develop resilience within us.


Five more characteristics of resilient people include:

  • Confidence.  Just like resilience, confidence is something that is developed over time from our life experiences.  Resilient people believe in themselves and their abilities to be successful.  The more confidence they bestow, the more they push themselves towards greatness without fear of the challenges that may come up along the way.  When faced with adversity, they dig deeper, try harder and increase their determination to succeed. (Need help building your confidence?  I’ll provide ten tools to boost your confidence in my next blog post on Thursday, November 30th.)
  • Reject ruminating.  In one of my previous posts, I emphasized how being reflective can conjure positive thinking and be a learning mechanism to help foster success.  It’s something resilient people are good at doing.  What they don’t do is ruminate.  There is a big difference between reflection and rumination.  If you allow yourself to dwell on a negative situation you’re ruminating; it’s like standing in quicksand, paralyzing, and the longer you stay there, the deeper you sink into negative thinking and depression.  Resilient people accept that bad things happen to good people all the time, and life can be unfair.  Instead of beating to death the “WHY’s” of the circumstance, they find peace and understanding and move forward with their life.
  • Self-aware and care.  Resilient people take care of themselves mentally and physically.  By taking time to become self-aware, whether it be through meditation, yoga, Thai-chi, or another realm that allows them to connect with their inner spirit, they’re able to live mindfully and with authenticity.  By taking care of their bodies through exercise, they give a boost to their positive state-of-mind.  Think about how many times you’ve had to drag yourself to the gym, dreading every inch closer, but once your workout is over you feel a sense of accomplishment and goodness inside and out.  These feelings can help squander negative thinking and the more you can do this, the better you will feel and the more upbeat you will be.



  • Mental Strength.  During the hardest months of my business, before it closed, I described my staff and me as warriors.  We had developed this invisible armor to conquer each day.  Some people call this mental strength or emotional resilience.  By developing “emotional armor,” we were able to persevere, stay focused and determined to change the state of the company.  For me, I was able to take actions while maintaining perspective, and react to situations with patience and clarity.  Resilient people possess this armor and have grit!
  • Gratitude.  I think because resilient people are resourceful and not afraid to ask for help, they naturally show appreciation to the people who give their time and skills to lift them up and teach them something.  With a thankful heart, they find ease in returning the kindness.  In my previous blog posts, I shed light on the importance of establishing a life of giving.  The ability and willingness to exhibit gratitude and kindness are beautiful gestures of giving.


Opening yourself up to resources and continued learning will help you develop resilience, confidence, and the will to create an abundant and prosperous life.  If you’re not sure where to begin, I can be your resource.  Visit my website Maya Holihan to learn more about my mentoring and business consulting programs.  You can contact me through my blog or website.

With all the love in my heart!





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