This is the final blog on the four-part series about the ability to cultivate resilience.  It won’t be the last time I write about the subject though.  I believe resilience is a quality that’s vital to a person’s ability to effectively push themselves beyond their realm of comprehension, and when they do this, real progress can be made, and success achieved.

If you’re currently in an adverse or challenging circumstance in your life, try your best to be as present as possible and implement the behaviors I outlined about resilience from my three previous posts.  Whatever you can work on now will give you the ability to bounce back faster and stronger from your current situation; better yet, you may be able to find your way out of it before it completely takes hold of you.


There are five more characteristics that resilient people exemplify.  Drum roll, please…

  1. Resilient people can adapt to change quickly, and often times welcome it.  With the ability to recover rapidly from adverse situations, these people don’t fear change in their lives like others do.  If there is an instance that’s not working for them, they take decisive action to shift it in their favor, even if that means completely letting go of something (or someone).
  2. The ability to thrive, and not just survive, is a quality that resilient people bestow.  We all love a good comeback story, right?  We celebrate and show enormous respect for people who either came from nothing and created an abundant life despite their circumstances, or lost everything and then rebuilt their lives with more strength and success than before.  These people have a few things that allow them to thrive; compassion, purpose, and a keen sense of what really matters in life.eef39a786235476f5053ca7c6e2872ed--quotes-about-change-quotes-about-changing-yourself
  3. When you’ve developed a resilient state-of-mind failure is merely a hiccup in the journey to success.  Failure is temporary for resilient people.  They can extract the lessons from their defeat and leverage them to increase their chances for future success.
  4. Resilient people push boundaries – they’re not afraid to put themselves to the test.  This is a way to stay challenged so if faced with another catastrophic experience it’s not as detrimental to their psyche as it could be if they just stayed in their safe-mode.  This is a practice that allows us to remain on our toes rather than our heels.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, resilient people can continually redefine/reinvent their purpose.  For many of us when we come through the other side of a traumatic experience we see it as a new beginning.  We view life through a fresh set of eyes and clarity that wasn’t there in the thick of our crisis.  We’ve just conquered the unconquerable, survived the insurmountable, overcome an extreme obstacle – we’re not the same person we were before our adversity, therefore we’re in a place to redefine who we are.0c76071ea90d2dbbb75d76453be1c9d1

Not one of us will go through life unscathed; it’s inevitable and part of the package.  It’s the challenges and adversities and how we respond to them that defines our character and ability to live a full life of trial and error without giving up!  Resilience is the remedy to pick ourselves up and continue to push our lives forward.  Be resilient!

With all the love in my heart! XOXO



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