7 Of My Go-To Sites For Daily Knowledge And Inspiration

I love to share.  From recipes to clothing, to the food on my plate, I’ll share just about anything (except my man)!  Sharing information, experiences, and knowledge about how to live with a positive mind and a happy heart is probably one of the things I enjoy most in life.  If everyone selflessly shared nuggets of wisdom – sans an agenda or expecting something in return – the world would be even more glorious than it already is.

As we all know the Internet offers a plethora of endless information.  It can be overwhelming to navigate and we’re constantly bombarded with imagery and invitations to click on one tab or another to learn about a new product, service, or the latest news.  Now that I spend more time online than I ever have before I’ve fallen in love with a handful of sites that I feel consistently produce quality content about life, love, business, and inspiration.

Sharing is caring, so I’m sharing them with you today!

Well + Good

Well + Good is a lifestyle and news publication focused on wellness in all areas of life.  The site creates compelling content for people who subscribe to a healthy lifestyle.  Well + Good is a fantastic resource to stay in the know about the trends in fitness, beauty, nutrition, travel and overall lifestyle and relationship topics.  Here’s one of my favorite reads:  “I Drank Salt Water Every Day For A Week.  Here Are 5 Things I learned.”


PureWow is a woman’s lifestyle resource dedicated to producing stories to make our lives more interesting, beautiful, and manageable.  The site covers a wide spectrum of subjects to help us be the very best versions of ourselves as possible.  I love this article about female-founded start-ups:  “Meet The Women Behind 7 Of Our Favorite Start-Ups.”


Lifehack is your source for positivity and life inspiration.  I particularly love the quotes tab – good stuff!  Lifehack aims to turn negative thinkers into positive action takers, and provides the tools, resources, and motivation to help us reach our goals.  We all have fears, so this read should benefit every reader:  “How To Overcome Your Irrational Fears (That Stop You From Succeeding)

Thrive Global

Founded by Arianna Huffington, the general scope of the Thrive Global content is to help us thrive in all areas of life – do more than just survive – thrive!  I love their mission so I plucked it from the site for you to enjoy:

Thrive Global’s mission is to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance well-being, performance, and purpose, and create a healthier relationship with technology. Recent science has shown that the pervasive belief that burnout is the price we must pay for success is a delusion. We know, instead, that when we prioritize our well-being, our decision-making, creativity, and productivity improve dramatically. Thrive Global is committed to accelerating the culture shift that allows people to reclaim their lives and move from merely surviving to thriving.

Time management is key to success so be sure to take in this article from Thrive Global:  “The Secret Of Mastering Your Time And Getting More Done.”


Success produces articles from some of the most extraordinary and influential thought leaders and success experts to help us excel in every realm of our personal and professional lives.  When you indulge in Success you can learn and draw inspiration from the greatest achievers of our time.  Being a leader is not for the faint-hearted.  Here’s a great article on what great leaders never say:  “7 Things Great Leaders Never Say.”

She Owns It

She Owns It is a gathering place for women to celebrate, support, empower and connect with other women.  Targeted to the female entrepreneur, She Owns It is a resource to find inspiration and motivation to enrich our life stories.  Here’s a valuable article on letting go:  “The Art Of Letting Go.”

The Girlfriend

The Girlfriend celebrates women over 40!  Woo-Hoo!!  The articles examine and delve into the many ways life is affecting us right now.  No subject is off limits, so share these good reads with your besties and add The Girlfriend to your tribe!  For those of you with children getting ready to go to college here’s a great piece on huge college savings possibilities:  “How Your Kid Can Go To College For (Next To) Nothing.”

Hopefully, you can find value in some of these online resources like I have.  What are some of your favorite online sources of knowledge and inspiration?  Share away!


With all the love in my heart!  XOXO






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