HELLO!  My name is Maya and I want to welcome you to my blog.
Look into my eyes. Do you see inspiration and joy shining through them? This is me, every day, even on days when I have to dig deep to find the joy that propels my internal and external smile!
I embraced early on in life the belief that each day is a gift.  This could stem from the fact that I’m adopted and have been given chances so many other children don’t get, but I also attribute it to my parents who taught me to love myself, go for what I want, and never limit the possibilities and opportunities life has to offer.
Every day is a series of moments, most of which we have no control over.  We never know for sure what’s in store for us, so it’s important to find the joy and celebrate the little wins every moment offers!  I’ve lived a vibrant life, with my own share of adversities and setbacks, but I’ve never let them stop me from pushing forward and living a life of love, positivity and opportunity.
My most recent life challenge was losing my business of 13 years, losing my dream home and having to file bankruptcy.  Just one of these would’ve broken the spirit of many people.  I didn’t allow any of them to keep me down.  I used these adverse situations to reflect and reignite my flame ad mission.  After the demise of my company I was given a lot of time to soul search and think about what I wanted my next chapter to look like. I thought, what were the gifts I had that I could give to other people?
I began to think about how my family, friends, and colleagues described me, and the one word that came up over and over was INSPIRING!  I’m going to inspire you through speech, writing, mentoring and consulting by sharing my story as transparently as possible and infusing the life lessons I’ve learned on my journey so far. I want to engage with you to instill a positive state of mind that lasts with you forever!
When  you wake up every morning and put both feet on the ground I want you to have purpose in your step, love in your heart, and a “reach for the stars” attitude.
With all the love in my heart,


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