• I love to share.  From recipes to clothing, to the food on my plate, I’ll share just about anything (except my man)!  Sharing information, experiences, and knowledge about how to live with a positive mind and a […]

  • What really matters most?  Isn’t this the million-dollar question we ask ourselves at various points through our lives?  We all know the answers – family, health, happiness, stability, relationships, peace, p […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m so excited to share today’s blog post with you because it’s not written by me!  I’m giving you a man’s perspective on life, love, and marriage with a guest blog from Nick Rhodes.   […]

  • February is the month of L-O-V-E, so I thought it appropriate that my first post for the month encompass the topic of love.  If you follow me on Instagram (@maya.h.inspired) you know most of my posts this month […]

  • Hi Peter!! I get it! The push and pull can totally consume us! I’ll have to come over as a guest and indulge in a yoga class with you and follow with a coffee date! I’ll reach out with some dates. Best to you!

  • Thank you Seko! Yes- please share it with the world!! I appreciate your support! I just replied to your email too.

  • Isn’t it amazing how a week can unfold?  As I was mulling around the different topics for this blog post, two different moments of enlightenment sealed my decision to address the issue of self-criticism.  The o […]

  • Thank you, Kris! Sports teach us as much about life as they do athleticism. I’m glad to hear they’re still a part of your lifestyle!

  • Exactly!! Miss you, my friend!

  • Hi Whitney,

    I’m so thrilled you found the post to be helpful. Aloneness is hard for so many people, and what it means to us can change throughout the course of our lives. I’ve learned to see the beauty of it, […]

  • Have you ever experienced an internal crossroads, feeling compelled to make a move but have no idea which direction to go – north, south, east or west?  If you’ve approached life with deep passion, purpose, and […]

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    I love sports!  The sporting life has been stamped on my heart since I was a young girl.  My parents introduced competitive athletics to my siblings and me at a very young age.  My tw […]

  • I live in southeast Virginia, near the coastline.  One of the reasons I love the area so much is because of the climate.  It’s mild most of the year, we actually enjoy a real, though short Spring season and our s […]

  • Hi Tonie! Thank you for taking the time to send me such a thoughtful comment. It warms my heart that you’re connecting to my messages. It’s important we all know that there is bright sunlight after the storm. […]

  • Vanessa!! I’ve had you in my heart. We’re in such similar points in our lives and I do believe our messages support each other. I was planning on calling you about some things. I’ll give you a buzz next week. […]

  • Thank you, my love! It’s been quite a road, but I know you can relate. I’m so happy for you on how you came through the other side of your hardships and feel renewed empowerment now that I’m on the other side of […]

  • My dear, as far as friends go you get an A+++. I’m heartened that we have been able to lean on one another over the years, especially last year. You’ve always been a rock and someone I admire, who also exudes a […]

  • Hi Melissa! Thank you for taking time to comment and share your sentiments with me. You are so sweet, and I’m flattered by your words and thrilled that you’re taking away meaning from my posts. Owning a […]

  • Happy New Year wishes to you, Carly! Thanks for all your love and support! I think you’re a rockstar and have always admired your honesty and individuality; not to mention your talent! I wish you a blessed and […]

  • Hi Erica,

    Follow your dreams every day even if you’re taking baby steps. Keep focused on your vision and you’ll get there!

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